Project Description
This is an attempt to make a Roguelike/RPG in This is in it's very early stages, and any help would be appreciated!

Definition of Roguelike: (from Wikipedia)
The roguelike is a sub-genre of role-playing video games, characterized by randomization for replayability, permanent death, and turn-based movement. Most roguelikes feature ASCII graphics, with newer ones increasingly offering tile-based graphics. Games are typically dungeon crawls, with many monsters, items, and environmental features. Computer roguelikes usually employ the majority of the keyboard to facilitate interaction with items and the environment. The name of the genre comes from the 1980 game Rogue.

Current accomplishments:
  • Reading of map file (essentially a csv) into a 2D array for static map display (towns). (06/07/2011)
  • Tile system (Creation of new tiles, collision based on tile properties) (06/08/2011)
  • Basic Entity class (Create a player or NPC with their own name, x, y , symbol) (06/08/2011)
  • Basic Command System (open doors, close doors, etc) (06/09/2011)
  • Simple Message Buffer (06/09/2011)
  • Creation of a basic town map (right now just an empty square with a room) (06/12/2011)
  • Reorganized all code into classes for readability (06/12/2011)

Next Up:

  • Creation of an NPC and in the future, interaction with them
  • Expanding entity class to have stats (hp, mp, etc)
  • Save/Load Procedure
  • Adding new tiles
  • Expanded Stats System
  • Classes
  • HUD (Heads up display)

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