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Hello there :)

first post: Yorsahj wrote: I have got at school a homework few days ago. It's theme is ...

Hi I've played around with your code and added some stuff

first post: master0 wrote: Just wanted to post some work I did with your code. I wanted to try...

latest post: jtokarchuk wrote: Thank you very much, this has been going to my junk mail apparently...


first post: OLH064 wrote: A few things need done, but we shouldn't work silently.display need...

latest post: jtokarchuk wrote: I would be fine with c++ for backwards compatability.


first post: OLH064 wrote: Jonasmartin: "I suggest that the story is about a warrior who get a...

latest post: jtokarchuk wrote: Your English is excellent for just learning. You are missing some s...

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